Junk Science is Junk, not Science

This program is designed to educate attorneys about the differences between properly conducted arbitration, mediation, and jury research provided by qualified research organizations and improperly conducted research provided by unqualified consultants. Both historical and current... Get Started

Utilizing Psychological Science in Litigation

The explanation of the science employed in litigation research is the goal of this program. Clarifying the process which yields information to improve fact finders’ decision making is crucial to understanding how to... Get Started

Maximizing Voir Dire

Developing the skills to derive maximum benefit of the time and format available for jury selection is crucial for success as a trial lawyer. This program provides tips for techniques to use to... Get Started

Jurors Say the Darndest Things

Jurors have the ability to surprise, shock, and amaze Magnus’ trial consulting team. In the jurors’ efforts to get to the heart of a matter, they decide the issues in ways that surprise... Get Started

Ethics in Litigation Research

The ways in which ethical considerations are a part of jury or fact finder research is the basis of this program. Ethics impact the usefulness of jury research and guidelines for evaluating the... Get Started

25 Common Mistakes Attorneys Make in Voir Dire

Based on decades of observing attorneys selecting jurors in trials, Dr. Pigott published an article listing the top 25 mistakes she has observed during voir dire. This course is a review of those... Get Started

The Attorney as Teacher

The role of the attorney during mediation, arbitration, or trial is to teach new information to the audience; mediators, arbitrators, judges, or jurors. This course provides and understanding of how people learn and... Get Started

Magnus Continuing Education Programs

This website is Magnus online continuing education portal.  Magnus has provided continuing education programs for more than 2 decades in live presentations.  Magnus continues to offer programs to law firms, associations, and to claims professionals nationwide.  As an extension of our educational programs we are pleased to offer select courses online.  These programs are presented by Magnus’ founding partner and Director of Research, Dr. Melissa Pigott.  Dr. Pigott is a social psychologist and is nationally recognized as one of the foremost experts in the area of jury and litigation research.  Dr. Pigott has been conducting research in the area of psychology and the law since 1980 and has over 30 publications in major psychology and law journals.  Her research is internationally recognized.

Click here for a copy of Dr. Melissa Pigott's curriculum vitae.

About Us

Combining years of experience in the fields of psychology and the law, Magnus is a seasoned trial consulting organization which provides research and consultation services of the highest quality to attorneys nationwide. Magnus conducts research into the human dynamics which are a part of litigation. Assessment of the psychological factors affecting decision making has a direct impact on the litigation of the case, and ultimately its outcome.

Magnus' jury consulting and trial consulting services are available to attorneys nationwide; Magnus has consulted on cases and conducted jury research in 26 states, from Alaska to the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Magnus has particular expertise in Florida, its home base of operations.

Magnus is dedicated to helping attorneys achieve successful litigation results in jury trials, mediation, arbitration, and bench proceedings through collection, analysis, and application of pertinent information. The trial consulting services Magnus provides improve litigation successes and minimize negative outcomes. A jury consultant's input into the litigation process generates information unavailable from any other source. The information allows trial or settlement decisions to be made with "open eyes" as to the possible outcomes in the case. As jury and trial consultants, Magnus works with its attorney clients to ensure that everything is done to maximize clients' outcome. Mock jury research is a reality check for clients because it evaluates risks in an objective manner while giving the attorney the advantage of preparing a case with insights from decision makers.


The mock trials and your reports helped me formulate the overall case themes, reinforce my client’s damages to the jury, and successfully address and overcome defendant’s major defenses in this case.

Michael Gunzburg

The benefits Magnus provided us in the case were numerous. I think all of us who interacted with you felt we had found in Magnus a new member of the team.

Daniel F. Beasley